A Box of Candy?

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A few days ago our mail carrier delivered a well padded envelope which Mr M retrieved. When he brought it in he shook it slightly and asked, “Did you get a box of candy?”. Looking at the Chinese lettering on the outside of the envelope I laughed and said, “Well, sort of…”. Not really candy, but for me, almost as exciting: it was a set of 44 sewing machine presser feet.

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Use What You Have

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As I have said previously, I am a frugal woman. I love to barter for things I need. Once I bartered my baking skills for a huge cake pan. I have it to this day. I don’t make gigantic cakes anymore, so I have re-purposed it. I have one of those weird cabinets that goes far back into the abyss and anything put in there disappears.

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