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Once again my heart is crushed by the sad, indiscriminate murder of our children. I am a great grandmother. I have nine grand children, several of which are high school age or young adults. I live in Florida, I am approximately halfway between two areas that have the dubious identification of being among the worst mass murder sites in the United States. Almost all young people or people who worked with our youth.

When I went to school, I freely entered and left my campus without being scanned for weapons. I actually went to one of the “worst” high schools in my city. It was in the poorest socio-economic area. The most dangerous weapons found on the campus (carried by the Thugs) were knives and razors.  These weapons are capable of being deadly but not of mass murder. They are very effective in hand to hand combat and personal defense.

In my opinion, the Second Amendment, ratified in 1791, was never intended to be abused the way it is today. The exact wording is: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It does not say that every person can have an assault rifle.  It says that the People need a well regulated militia. The purpose of the amendment was to provide for a military to protect a new, young country. Today, I believe its intent is being corrupted and misconstrued.

Before you nail me to the wall, let me reiterate: I have no objections to single fire guns. I grew up with a hunter. I believe that it is entirely proper to use a gun to hunt for food. I do not condone trophy hunting. I do not condone using a gun on another person unless you are a trained representative of the law, such as a police officer.

I do believe that we, as a society, must take a stance and make some changes. We have to make it harder to own a gun and ammunition. We must look to the regulations set by other countries for our own guidelines. To drive a car, one must learn how to drive, obtain a license, periodically renew the license, be subject to all of the laws pertaining to owning, using and driving a car. Why not for guns and ammunition?

Limit the amount of ammunition a person can possess. Limit the type and number of guns a person can own. Produce a national, numerical database for every gun manufactured, like a vehicle VIN number, so that the guns have to be registered and tracked. (Is there such a thing now? I have no idea.)

I know what you are thinking. Even if we do all these things, criminals and terrorists still will have The Guns. True. What to do? I am not sure. Maybe we need to look at consequences for owning The Guns. I am really sad to say that I don’t have the answers. We have to look to our lawmakers for those answers. Myself, I am going to use their voting records and fund raising for guidance with my vote.

It crushes me every time I see one of these mass murders. These are our children. Our future. Obliterated. In a senseless, selfish act. How can we as a Society continue to believe that prayer and condolences are going to stop it? It won’t. Only action will. We as a Society must have the gumption to stand up for our children and make a change.


I can’t take full credit for this graphic. It is my interpretation of one I saw online.

Gee, Social Security Administration, Thanks for Nothing!

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Occasionally, I choose to rant. This is one of those occasions. If you don’t know, Social Security payment to senior citizens is not a government handout. We paid into the fund for all of the years that we were employed. Sort of like a loan to the government. When we seniors retire the government is supposed to pay us back in the form of a monthly stipend.

Seniors have absolutely no control over the disbursement of these funds. Our monthly allotment is controlled by our governing bodies and is supposedly tied in to the cost of living index in the United States. If our governing bodies don’t think the cost of living has increased sufficiently, we get only a tiny increase or none at all. Last year, our increase was a whopping .3 percent. Two years ago, we received an increase of exactly 0%. Many, many seniors are living on a Social Security income of less than $1,000.00 each month, so one can imagine how important these increases are to us.

Imagine how excited we were that our COLA, or Cost Of Living Adjustment, increase for 2018 will be a phenomenal 2%, the greatest since 2012! A few extra dollars for groceries, or a physician’s co-payment. So much excitement!

Imagine our communal shock when we discovered that, although we are getting a COLA raise, our entire increase is going directly to the increase in our payment for Medicare Part B! Part  B,  a portion of our Social Security for medical costs, is mandatory for most senior citizens.  Our 2018 income is a net increase of $0.

So, Dear Social Security Administrators, thanks for NOTHING!

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We Can’t Forget

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I saw a statement recently this year is the first one that new high school students will  not have been born when the 9/11 attack happened. As a post World War II baby, I remember how Pearl Harbor Day was so important to adults but I couldn’t really understand exactly why. Actually, intellectually I understood it, but I lacked the visceral understanding until the 9/11 attack. Now it is gaspingly, painfully clear.


The Hyacinth

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Things have not always been easy for Mr. M and I. When we were raising our three children, often money was very tight. During an especially hard time my mother gave me a piece of advice. She said that I should always find enough money for a white hyacinth. What she meant was I should always try to find a little pleasure for myself. Something that would help ease my burdens.  Read the rest of this entry »