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We live in a older manufactured home. Our “Master Suite” is pretty roomy and accommodates a king sized bed easily. The other bedroom, however is very small. When we bought our house the second bedroom barely accommodated a twin sized bed.

I decided that since all of our overnight company would be at least two people at a time  the tiny bedroom was useless for company. I chose to rehome the twin bed and convert the room to my sewing and craft room. I bought a hide-a-bed couch with a queen sized bed in it for our living room. Our three comfy recliners can also be used for sleeping in a pinch.

Even without a bed in it the bedroom is still tiny and I am constantly looking for ways to store my precious sewing supplies. Well, today on my way to an exercise class I noticed a metal rack that had been set out for the recycling.


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Make Your Own Pineapple Vinegar

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If you have been reading my blog for very long you already know that one of my grandsons lovingly dubbed me a witch because there is always something fermenting, brewing or steeping somewhere in my house. Today I want to tell you about my current fermentation: pineapple vinegar. This “secret ingredient” is a favorite in many Mexican homes and is called vinagre de pina. Not only is it delicious and healthful, it is easy-peasy to make! Read the rest of this entry »

A Difficult Weekend

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This weekend seems to be one of those where things just go wrong! First Mr. M somehow damaged to corner of his laptop and apparently broke the cable that goes from the keyboard to the monitor. We knew it could be turned on but the screen remained black. Hmmmmm. This requires emergency tactics! Read the rest of this entry »

Use What You Have

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As I have said previously, I am a frugal woman. I love to barter for things I need. Once I bartered my baking skills for a huge cake pan. I have it to this day. I don’t make gigantic cakes anymore, so I have re-purposed it. I have one of those weird cabinets that goes far back into the abyss and anything put in there disappears.

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