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This Old Dog Learned a New Trick

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Recently, I wrote about a treasure trove of presser feet that I received for my sewing machines. Although I was really after only a couple of the feet, I am discovering how to use some of the other feet in the collection. My latest learning experience (Who says you can’t learn something new after 70?) is using the pintuck foot.┬áThe new set had three different sizes of pintuck feet. I had to label them so I can tell them apart


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Linen Dresses

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Since I knew that we were going to be visiting some hot areas in southeast Asia, not to mention how hot and humid it is here in Florida, I wanted to make a couple of linen dresses. I love linen! I know it wrinkles like crazy but it is so cool in the heat. I just tell myself that linen is upscale and quality.


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