We Were Supposed To Have A Hurricane Today

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Thank you Hispaniola for saving us! Erika died down before she ever got to Florida. This is the first time since moving here we have put our storm shutters down and they are already back up. They make our little home feel like a cave when they are down. Perfect for a person who has felt like a bear for a few weeks lately. Happily, now my hand is so much better! The shutters are up and I am going to celebrate!

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Approaching Storm

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The weather here has been very dry for weeks. Our little lakes are drying up. Every day they seem to be a little shallower. Our meadow that stands in for a lawn is actually crispy. We don’t water it but we do water our vegetable gardens. Today there has been a lot of thunder. The sky is getting darker. It looks like this:

storm clouds

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